Mortana Crestar


Birth Year: 1999
Purchase Price: Price upon Request
Sire: Mortana Cody
Dam: Mortana Cricket
Height: Height Upon Request
Training: Well Broke
Coloring: Bay

Description: Mortana Crestar is a valued work and saddle horse used in our daily ranch.  This gelding is a quick cutter with a gentle temperament.  Crestar is a great match for any level of rider.  Mortana Crestar's pedigree is available upon request 

Mortana Corvette


Birth Year: 2005
Purchase Price: $3,000.00
Sire Caduceus Montour
Dam: Mortana Crystal
Height: 15.2 Hands
Training: 60 Days
Coloring: Black

Description: This jet black gelding has 2 monthes western style training.  Mortana Corvette is an agile ride and with mork a keen cutting horse.  Additional information on Mortana Corvette and pedigree is available upon request.

Mortana Casey


Birth Year: 2009
Purchase Price: Price available upon request
Sire: Mortana Ceali
Dam: Mortana Celeste
Height: Height available upon request.
Training: Unbroke

Description: Mortana Casey is a jet black unbroke gelding.  He greets you with curiosity and